Global Connect Synergy

About CEO

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Ursani is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Connect Synergy Pvt. Limited. He has held executive roles throughout his professional career in both Pakistani government organizations and multinational enterprises. Under his supervision, the company’s growth has accelerated across the board in a relatively short period of time. His guiding principle is to substitute innovative strategies and initiatives tailored to both mature and developing markets for conventional responses to business issues.

Mr. Ursani previously worked with Trans world Associates, a partnership between the Omzest Group of Oman, Saif Group, and Orascom Telecom Holding, as the country’s head of operations. The successful landing of the SEMEWE5 undersea cable on Pakistan’s Hawksbay Beach was one of Mr. Ursani’s most notable and significant achievements while working with Trans world Associates. Mr. Ursani has previously spent 17 years working for PTCL, where his most recent role was as regional general manager of operations in Hyderabad and Karachi. 

Mr. Ursani worked as a telecom services expert for the Sindh Revenue Board from 2012 to 2014. Along with the Federal Tax Ombudsman and the Punjab Revenue Board, he is a member of the expert panels for SZABIST, MAJU, MUET, NED University, and other institutions.

By working with the National Postgraduate Institute of Telecom & Informatics, Islamabad, and INT France, Mr. Ursani received an M.S. in Telecom Management degree (a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecom Limited). Prior to that, he graduated from MUET Jamshoro with a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering.

After the opening of the telecom sector in Pakistan in the early 2000s it was the need of the day that carrier-neutral or business-neutral telecom infrastructure companies may be made available to consumer telecom operators. These telecom infrastructure companies can provide telecom infrastructures to the newly formed entrants in the business or the incumbents and they can acquire optical fiber connectivity as well as telecom infrastructure from infra companies that are licensed by PTA and their sole purpose was to serve the telecom operators and not to approach the customers directly. This need was the inception of Global Connect Synergy and we are proudly serving the industry with our motto that we are the service providers to the service providers and we provide telecom facilities to the telecom operators with complete business neutrality as well as neutral carriers.