Global Connect Synergy


On our live network, Global Connect Synergy provides our customers with manageable point-to-point connectivity. It is a safe, affordable solution that is simple to monitor. Additionally, the solution provides the network with the greatest reachability so that everyone may benefit.

Manageable Point Characteristics

Manageable Point-to-Multipoint Connectivity

This service's basic idea is similar to point-to-point connectivity, except it covers customer presence at several locations. To help our clients connect with one another, we provide this service. We offer full, turnkey solutions for rollout and maintenance that are optimised and ensure high standards through a continuous improvement approach.

Dark Core Point to Point

In a point-to-point link, two nodes are connected directly. Direct access to our optical fibre network is something we provide. The two nodes are separated by inactive equipment. The network is entirely under the authority of the person operating it.

Transport Service.

Additionally, we provide backhaul services for both controllable and dark core access to our customers' network infrastructure.

Point to Point Manageable Connectivity

Global Connect Synergy offers our customers the manageable Point-to-Point connectivity on our active network. It is a secure cost-effective solution which could be easily monitor. The solution also offers maximum reachability to the network so that one can have all the benefits.