Global Connect Synergy


INTERNET Key Characteristics 

Broadband Services

High speed internet is a basic necessity in the modern day. It is one of the important means of access to information required for everyday personal and business function. Global Connect Synergy is a ‘Class B’ Internet Service Provider which enables a range of cost-effective broadband services ensuring reliability through our 100% fiber optic network. Global connect synergy ensures that you enjoy a high speed and reliable connectivity for all your internet needs. We offer various broadband services with value added features for all our customers.

Internet Leased Line Services

Businesses frequently require secure and consistent connectivity to ensure smooth access to resources over the internet. It is important that business transactions happen over a private and secured leased line to ensure that all these transactions are safe and yield highest benefit in terms of security. Shared internet connections may have limitations in terms of giving you the highest business benefits.

Bulk bandwidth for ISP

Local ISPs share their purchased bandwidth among various users in order to provide internet services to their customers. For such ISPs who look forward to providing their service in a new region or expanding their service area, Global Connect Synergy offers a bulk bandwidth option that enables the local ISPs to divide bandwidth for their customers. Your various bandwidth requirements for pure internet, blended internet or region-specific internet can be taken care of by Global Connect Synergy’s bulk bandwidth services.

GPON Solutions

This method uses unpowered (passive) optical splitters for network communication, which cuts down on network costs and energy use. The key feature of the fiber distribution network is that it uses passive splitters, which allow one fiber feed from the provider to serve many homes and small businesses. GPON connections are less expensive than those provided by regular Ethernet. Hardware is not as necessary when multiple users are served by a single fiber line.